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everything is alright in the whole wide world

God, it smells like spring outside. Mild, scent of flowers, lawnmowers. It makes me nostalgic for I-don’t-know-what (it makes me want to go for walks in the park). I suppose Easter is right around the corner. I finished Vile Bodies … Continue reading

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grapefruit-eater, frankenfurter

Lauren and I now match. It’s a little rediculous. My hair is just the tinyest bit longer, and it’s at the same color, as usual. Also, glasses. Also, stress, as I work to finish a paper. I am writing (briefly … Continue reading

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the good life

Yesterday, first I came home and saw Lauren for the first time since she lopped off her hair. I was expecting this, so it was not too bad. Then, I went downtown to see J., and he had completely shaved … Continue reading

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