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planning for the future

Steve Case’s (of AOL fame) new investment company, Revolution, recently bought out Flexcar. I am unsure what to think of this. On the one hand, Flexcar badly needs the money; on the other, ugh. Plus, a domain like “” is … Continue reading

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Ah, California

Overheard last night: Waitress: Like, I totally forgot to ask if you wanted change. It was only, like, a couple of bucks. Is that, like, ok? Customer, out of earshot of waitress: Ohmigod, totally tacky! —- Young teenage girl in … Continue reading

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oh boy

controversy over school libraries comes to my former hometown. Whee. what I like best from the original news story: “A group calling itself Parents Protecting the Minds of Children was formed last week, at Taylor’s suggestion, to help rid … Continue reading

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