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Back; home safe; car did not fall apart; and I’m slightly more tan than when I went. A successful, v. fun trip. And it was so, so good to see Ms. and . Biznamshiznit sums it up better than I … Continue reading

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Wikimania registration now open!

[our first big press release; for wide distribution; edits and translations are coordinated here] Wikimania 2006 The Wikimedia Foundation is pleased to announce the second annual Wikimania convergence, Wikimania 2006. The event will bring together members of the Wikimedia project … Continue reading

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things that I wish; in which our heroine reveals herself to be not dead after all

1) That I was getting paid for working on the conference. Would I be as dedicated, and feel as righteous about it, if I were drawing salary for this? Hard to say; what makes for a good justification for doing … Continue reading

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