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flight credits, carbon offsets

Considering how much I fly, this is both interesting and scary. Does anyone know anything about these programs? Legit? Can anything designed to ease your conscience possibly be this easy? Does it matter? Should I pay the $100 US or … Continue reading

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Party like it’s 1997

Today in my email: * a forward of a really old chain email (from an otherwise sensible relative!) * spam about “coke vs pepsi — vote today” * a note from the Human Rights Campaign about an older man who … Continue reading

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links, love’s labour’s lost, livejournal

— the ever-awesome xkcd translates George Washington’s Farewell Address into the vernacular. I have to confess I’d never read the original; the modernized version is wonderful. I am absolutely in favor of this kind of modernization: for one thing, the … Continue reading

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