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a quick note for later “Here is my modest epistemological prediction: The more knowledge grows on Wikipedia or other similar tools on the Web, the more crucial the mastery of reputational cues about the quality of information will become. An introduction of tools for … Continue reading

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sightings in Davis; and a short list full of win and awesome

==Sightings in Davis, part 17 of 23== Today, in the hippie food coop, I saw the following excellent sight: an entire caucasian family, all with ratty dreadlocks. Papa, mama, big sister, little sister — all had matching tangles and long, … Continue reading

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on stories

Tonight the town where I live — a good town, in many ways, for reasons like this — threw a block party for the Harry Potter release. They closed off the street, erected a portable movie screen, and gave a … Continue reading

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