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pps., because librarians are made out of 100% awesome, and I have broadband

I think I am going to have an internet video playoff at the party tomorrow. What are your favorite internet videos about the election etc.? here is one of my favorites that a friend shared with me.

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and in news that is not about the election

The FSF released the GFDL 1.3 today, which is a minor version with an important change: it allows certain wikis, e.g. Wikipedia, to relicense their content under CC-BY-SA. Erik writes that there will be a discussion on meta about it … Continue reading

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Is it too much to hope

That my friends who have moved in the past few years to Virginia, Ohio, Florida are in fact representative of lots of other people and that between them all, will sway the vote? Like Lessig, I am worried about this … Continue reading

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