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psa: wikipedia copyright for dummies

Last night I was happily editing & came across [[Edward Eager]], an old-fashioned children’s author, very popular in the ’60s, and one of my favorites. (Further scoping reveals that I had edited this article once before in 2005, but had … Continue reading

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the secret life of news-channel anchors

“My god, can we just get the guy inaugurated already?” “I know. For fuck’s sake. It’s a 20-minute ceremony in the freezing-ass cold. And it’s not like we don’t know what’s going to happen. And yet we’re spending all weekend … Continue reading

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bicycle addendum

Well, I did just manage to ride ~10miles this afternoon, despite being on the tail end of a cold which means runny nose and total inability to breath. I think that’s some sort of minor accomplishment, anyway. It is gorgeous … Continue reading

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