Despite my totally depressing last post, things are going pretty well work- and life-wise, and the holidays are putting me in a shockingly cheerful mood. I’ll be in the middle of the country visiting family almost two weeks this year, starting on the 24th.

I’m helping run two secret santa gift exchanges in two online communities I’m in (one started as a real-life school-based community, but now we’re all dispersed); it’ll be interesting to see how they work out. I’m basing both on the MetaFilter community gift exchange, which apparently (I’m not involved) has been a huge success, with 250 people signed up. This seems super fun (and interesting in a sociological way; what’s the tipping point between online friends and willing-to-contact-irl friends?); anyway, contact me if you’re a Wikipedian or Cohort 2005 member and want to participate.

My housemate and I are also making some truly awesome New Year’s cards this year. Email me your address if you want one!

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