Board elections 2013

I am once again running for the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees. This is a two year position, to serve on the currently-10 member body that provides oversight and governance for the Wikimedia Foundation, which in turn provides the infrastructure supporting Wikipedia and her sister projects.

You can ask questions of the candidates, or read the many questions and answers that have already been posted, here. Voting will start next week, and will be advertised via sitenotice; people with a certain number of edits on the Wikimedia projects are eligible to vote.

Elections for the Funds Dissemination Committee, a community committee that reviews budgets for the WMF and Wikimedia organizations, and the FDC omsbudsperson are also happening. This is the first time we’ve done elections for this committee; there are several great candidates, and you can also ask them questions (and I encourage you to, if you have interest in the process!) Find out more about all the elections here.

For the record, such as it is, here is my statement. I’m happy to answer informal questions as well.


During the past ten years, I have edited, taught, spoken on and written about Wikipedia. I’ve helped run Wikimania for many years and have been involved with the research, education and GLAM communities. I have also reported for the Signpost, planned local events, and worked on strategy. I served on the Board of Trustees from 2010-12. During the day, I am a science and engineering librarian at the University of California, Davis.

The next Board will have much to do. The Board must hire and guide the next executive director; develop both annual and long-term strategic plans; decide whether to pursue an endowment; and evaluate the FDC. The Board must also assess the WMF’s overall direction, and, with the community and staff, decide whether WMF activities are effective in keeping the projects and their communities healthy and growing. I believe the Board’s most important role is ensuring the long-term future of Wikimedia’s projects and mission. We can achieve this through forward-looking financial and technical planning, and with open internal processes that aid in developing community leadership.

I can help keep the Board on track. I’m familiar with how the Board, WMF, and community work, and can organize and lead discussions, build consensus, and communicate decisions. I can help manage the limited time of the Board effectively, and if elected, will do so to get the Board to tackle the hardest issues well.


You may also be interested in this statement from last year’s elections, where I went into depth about the qualities I bring to the board (and those I do not).

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