I’ve been meaning to write about a lot of things, but here is one of them: thanks to a retirement in our department, I’m now the (interim) librarian for geology and atmospheric sciences, in addition to other things (physics, astronomy, computer science, electrical engineering). Geology is pretty new to me; I took rocks for jocks as an undergrad, and not much since.

But never mind that: it’s super cool. Here, the department includes planetary sciences, which means understanding planets in the solar system and beyond; one of our faculty is working on the Mars Rover. It also means physical oceanography, which is one of the least-understood of the physical sciences: exploring the oceans and space are the two last two great frontiers. And geology means understanding where we live: is it stable? is there water? Will the ground move or explode under our feet, or did it before, or does it hide fabulous treasures, or just the story of where we’ve been? I also picked up atmospheric science and meteorology, which means climate change and weather; a couple of hot topics. It’s all interesting; I love learning new subjects.

Also, I need to learn some good rock jokes. Got anything?

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