I am incredibly pleased to announce some exciting news: starting August 5, I will be working at MIT Libraries as Librarian for Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering Systems.

This position will work with the EECS community to support and understand their research needs, including working with research data management and MIT’s open access mandate. I can’t imagine a more exciting library to do this in; the MIT Libraries have a reputation of innovation and creativity, and are incredibly welcoming besides.

I have been at UC Davis for nine and a half years, since 2005. I will be sad to leave: I have a stellar group of colleagues and friends here, and have built strong connections with faculty, researchers and students in the departments I support. And Davis (the town) is pretty amazing: a warm, supportive and quirky community, with access to perhaps the best food and wine in the country. I will miss everyone a great deal, and I am incredibly grateful for all of the experience and support I have gotten here. But it is time for new adventures and new challenges. I’m looking forward to pushing myself by living in a totally different part of the country, working at a totally different type of school, and exploring ideas about how to support the information needs of engineering disciplines.

Over the next two months, I’ll be wrapping up projects here and figuring out how to pack up a house that I’ve lived in for ten years. I’ll be thinking about how to introduce myself to a world-class faculty and student body. And I’ll be looking for a place to live in Cambridge, hiring a moving truck, and (oh yeah) going to Wikimania somewhere in there too. It will be hectic and crazy: and I can’t wait.

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