powers of five

OK, so I have this theory about my life and divisions of five. Hear me out. Every five years, it seems, I have had some sort of extraordinary year and/or major life change. To wit:

  • 1995: I met the person I would love for a long time, and it was the last full year my mother was alive.
  • 2000: I rather precipitously movedĀ to California with the person noted above; it was my ticket out of the rural south and ultimately into spending the next 15 years on the west coast. I really got involved in the internet and was both happy and deeply unhappy; I also drove across the country to protestsĀ in DC, but that is neither here nor there. At any rate, in the dying days of dot com 1, it was eventful.
  • 2005: goodbye to all that: I had a miracle year, graduating library school and getting my first professional job, not to mention traveling all over Europe and going to the first Wikimania, which was a seminal experience.
  • 2010: I ran a professional conference on wiki research in Poland, and got elected to the Wikimedia Board of Trustees for the first time, both of which seemed like the culmination of a fair bit of work.
  • 2015: goodbye to all that redux: I got hired at MIT and moved cross-country to Cambridge, MA. And I drove across the country again. Major trips seem to be a theme, don’t they?

I am not particularly superstitious. And I expect good things and new adventures every year, or at least on balance in most years. I predict 2016 to be a delightful year full of settling into Cambridge and coming into my own at the new job, and I wish for calm and peace and joy for you and yours.

But let me just say, I am also looking forward to killing it in 2020.

Happy New Year!

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