A few notes on being a grownup

1). I never expected going to the dentist to be exciting. But there you have it: I got my teeth cleaned this afternoon, and I’m quite happy. A, it badly needed to be done; B, a couple small cavities were caught and can now be filled; C, the lovely dentist filed down a chip in my front tooth that has been there for eleventy-umpteen years — no dentist has ever offered to do this before, and now my teeth look better; D, damn, it feels good to plunk down health insurance and not pay anything, at least up front. After so many years of being a student and lacking or havign inadequate insurance, this is really extremely exciting. I love my job. I love my crazy bureaucratic university system. Huzzah.

2). On Saturday, I got taken for an extremely exciting dinner at Millennium in San Francisco, which is a very upscale vegan place. Oh my goodness. We had lovely courses of citrus salad and gnocchi with sauteed onions, and then I had a polenta terrine type of thing, with fried polenta sitting on top of stewed winter vegetables and vegetarian sausage. We finished it up with a rich mexican chocolate cake, with cashew cream and coconut sorbet. It was delicious, delicious, delicious. Thank you, Sarah.
Fancy mixed drinks, too: I had a black currant French 75 and a 10-year port. Yum.

3. I am home, and I just want to watch tv and cook some nice food for dinner and lunches this week (to get cable, or not get cable: I’ll never get anything done again if I get cable). I cleaned my house this weekend, which makes me feel better; as my routine at home settles down into something I can parse and deal with, my house gets cleaner. It’s a slow process, we’re going on a year now. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year and more already in this place; I was startled when I was planning something for the fall and had to turn to the 2007-2008 academic calendar. How did that happen?

4. My head exploded last week, and I am still picking up the pieces. Maybe it is not so bad. I am taking on a new department at work, and it’s a big department — so my collection development and liasoning responsibilities just doubled. Ack. And just when I was getting used to the last one… I will be working with Electrical and Computer Engineering now, as well as Computer Science, so basically all things electrical and computational will come to me. Mmm, power and information. [cackles gleefully]

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