in which I am a librarian

I got from this:
“A Method for Measuring the Air Permeabilities of Asphalt Concrete Pavements”, by W. H. Ellis and R. S. Schmidt, ASTM Special Technical Publication No. 294, p. 85, 1960”

to this:
“Papers on road and paving materials (bituminous) — 1960 Anon Source: American Society for Testing and Materials — Special Technical Publications, 294, Apr, 1961, 91p.”

to this:
“American Society for Testing Materials. Committee D-4 on Road and Paving Materials. Papers on road and paving materials (bituminous) 1960; presented at the sixty third annual meeting, Amerian Society for Testing Materials, Atlantic City, N.J., June 30, 1960. Philadelphia, American Society for Testing Materials [1961] v, 91 p. illus., diagrs., tables. 24 cm. American Society for Testing Materials. Special technical publication; no. 204.”

which is what the patron actually needs to get the paper referenced in the first citation, in just under forty minutes tonight. Note the small yet insidious typo in the first two references. A slip in Compendex… means an hour of one librarian’s time.

This, kids:
a) is why we include physical descriptions
b) why analytics are a good thing
c) why you should always cite everything you possibly know about a paper in your bibliographies. The conference title in the first place would have helped a lot.

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