This is a blog written by Phoebe Ayers (a ph-log). I started writing a journal online in 2002, on one of the many free services out there, and soon grew used to the medium of putting one’s thoughts (mundane and not) online for a small audience of friends and drive-by strangers to read and to comment on.

After seven years or so I got tired of having someone else store all my work at their mercy, so I exported the archives and started up on WordPress. I decided to start with the archives for 2005, which was something of an annus mirabilis for me: I graduated library school, traveled all over Europe all summer, went to the first Wikimania conference (which helped shape at least my next five years of volunteering) and was hired and moved to northern California for my first full-time professional library job, as an engineering & science reference librarian.

My writing has gotten better and the tenor of my posts has certainly changed since then, and I am ruthlessly pruning my archives for the public gaze. But I hope you may enjoy reading.

I tend to write a lot about the things important to me: books, free culture, Wikipedia, libraries and their ways, and my own not-so-interesting life. I have never tried to sort out the mundane from the important; it’s all more or less relevant, a mixture I can’t quite quit.

For more, see: the homepage | my book, “How Wikipedia Works” | phoebewiki

“Gee, can you vague that up for me?” is a quote from the first season of Buffy. It seems to describe a lot of my interactions with people trying to communicate things, and a lot of my frustration with my own writing, too.